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La French

Tokyo Combo Deodorant Perfume - 150 ml

Tokyo Combo Deodorant Perfume - 150 ml

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  • It doesn't matter who you are or what you do, wearing deodorant is an everyday requirement for living in a modern society. If you're spending any amount of time around other people, it's a common courtesy to manage your body odor.
  • Sweating is completely normal, but walking around smelling like sweat is easily preventable. La French deodorant can help avoid people turning their noses up at you when you walk into the room.
  • The Preferable deodorants eliminate smells caused by bacteria that form in your moist underarms. If scent is important to you, this deodorant from La French Perfumes will most certainly win your favor. It's a luxury deodorant, but the class is apparent in the complexity of the formula.
  • Some guys may even find that they can skip cologne when they wear this deodorant, saving them time and money.
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The deos are good

Pierrick Demonceaux

Fantastic Deodorant