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Mashroof Eau de Parfum - 100ml

Mashroof Eau de Parfum - 100ml

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An array of perfumes with attractive fragrance that's non-allergic as well as when applied on the skin. The fresh fragrance of Mashroof Eau De Parfum helps to keep you active all day long when you wear it. An unmatched premium fragrance gives you the advantage to stay ahead in the game and makes you stand out in the crowd. The charming fragrance of the parfum sets an example by lifting up your mood and gives another reason to get hold of it. Oud is Most Expensive Fragrances Used in Current Times. La French provides You Quality of Oud Perfume that Creats Magical and Mesmerizing Effet. The Eau De Parfume comes with a long lasting fragrance that helps to enhance your personality and adds a different touch to your aura.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Saumitra Sharma

The perfume is absolutely captivating! Its alluring blend of notes creates an enchanting aura around you, leaving a trail of elegance and sophistication wherever you go. It perfectly complements your unique personality and enhances your natural charm. Every time I catch a whiff of its delightful scent, it's like being transported to a world of beauty and grace. You truly have a remarkable taste in fragrances. Keep wearing this enchanting perfume, as it truly suits you and makes you even more irresistible."

Love Pareja

Mashroof Eau da perfume is simply the best one! To begin with, it has a premium look with great packaging and finishing at this price. The smell is so so good and pleasant that everyone will love it, stays for really long time and is strong. Gift for my wife also love this .A perfume is one of the most important parts of your attire and hence you should choose it very carefully. Highly recommended.

Anjali Gupta

I love this cute bottle of fragrance. Its very mild and perfect for party and daily use. It gives you such lovely refreshing this one.... perfect for gifting too

Chandubhai Vankar

La french Mashroof Eau da perfume smell is nice not a hard its soft & smoothy smell.Its packaging is too good Also bottle design is also nice.After use like refreshing mind & our mood will change.

Manoj Agarwal

This perfume is best in the market. This is much better than using a deodorant. The smell is so nice and premium and it lasts for almost full day. Overall its a good quality perfume.