Collection: Mood Perfumes

Discover Mood Perfumes by La'french, a unique collection designed to resonate with your every mood. Featuring Euphoria Perfume, Mood Swing Perfume, Invoke Perfume, and Happiness Perfume for both men and women, each scent is crafted to elevate your emotions and create memorable moments.


Experience the Spectrum of Emotions with Mood Perfumes by La'french

A Fragrance for Every Feeling
Mood Perfumes by La'french is a collection that understands the power of emotions. Each fragrance is meticulously crafted to match and enhance your mood, making every moment special. Whether you’re seeking euphoria, balance, inspiration, or joy, we have the perfect scent for you.

Euphoria Perfume
Dive into a world of bliss with Euphoria Perfume. This exhilarating scent features vibrant top notes that awaken your senses, a heart of enchanting florals, and a base of warm, sensual undertones. Perfect for those moments when you want to feel on top of the world.

Mood Swing Perfume
Find your balance with Mood Swing Perfume. Designed to adapt to your changing emotions, this dynamic fragrance combines refreshing citrus notes with calming lavender and a grounding base of cedarwood and musk. It’s the ideal companion for those unpredictable days.

Invoke Perfume
Unleash your creativity and inspiration with Invoke Perfume. This captivating scent blends exotic spices with rich amber and a hint of sweet vanilla, igniting your inner muse. Wear it when you need a burst of motivation and creativity.

Happiness Perfume
Embrace pure joy with Happiness Perfume. This delightful fragrance combines the bright notes of bergamot and mandarin with a heart of cheerful blossoms and a base of comforting sandalwood. It’s your perfect scent for spreading positivity and happiness.

Perfumes for Men & Women
Our Mood Perfumes collection offers fragrances for both men and women, ensuring everyone can find a scent that resonates with their emotions. Each perfume is designed to be versatile, long-lasting, and perfectly balanced.

Elegance in Every Bottle
Encased in sleek, modern bottles, Mood Perfumes by La'french are as visually appealing as they are emotionally evocative. Each design reflects the essence of the fragrance within, making these perfumes a beautiful addition to your collection or a thoughtful gift.

Discover the perfect scent to match your mood with Mood Perfumes by La'french. Explore our collection and find the fragrance that resonates with you.